The best restaurants are in Bordeaux! - 18/07/2017

Bordeaux French foodies capital thanks to its numerous restaurants

After being awarded best destination in 2016 by Lonely Planet, Bordeaux has now been named ‘Best city in France to eat at the restaurant’. It’s a pretty big call, isn’t it?

The French food website ATABULA released the news a few weeks ago. Bordeaux comes in first place, before Paris and even the legendary Lyon, hometown of renowned chef Paul Bocuse.

Bordeaux has been for a very long time the world wine capital, today it’s also the new hotspot for great food in France. What a better pairing?! It’s always difficult to separate good food from good wine…

It does not come as a shock as the amount of restaurants in Bordeaux has been increasing over the last few years, offering various types of cuisine and showcasing the quality of the regional produces testifying of a rich local ‘terroir’.

A picture of meals and wine bottles on a table in a Bordeaux's restaurant

There are many options, from fine dinning to brasserie style restaurant and tapas bar. Don’t worry you’ll find what you’re looking for.

No surprises famous French and international chefs have elected Bordeaux as their new home like French chefs Philippe Etchebest – Le Quatrième Mur and Pierre Gagnaire – La Grande Maison.

Let’s not forget the notorious British chef Gordon Ramsey who runs the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Pressoir d’Argent in the heart of the city.

About that, here is a great article about 10 of the best restaurant in Bordeaux, curtesy of The Guardian.

Looking for the best wine bar in Bordeaux? We got asked our opinon by the Guardian, oui oui, we are that famous here.

Here is what we we said.

What Bordeaux Wine Trails think about it

We do agree that Bordeaux has a great offer for good restaurants. We also think that a good restaurant is not only good food but good service too! Much efforts to be done on this side. In order not to experience the so called ‘Parisian floor staff rage syndrome’ talk to us first, we have a good list of places that can greet you in English with appropriate menus and a big smile too!

Bordeaux being under the spotlight, we recommend to make reservations in advance, lots of restaurants are fully booked on weekends. Despite our efforts, sometimes our guide struggle to find a restaurant, especially when the request is made an hour before heading back to Bordeaux 🙂

Our team will gladly help you choosing a restaurant in the city according to your taste and to your location during your stay in Bordeaux. Original, surprising, delicious or traditional food? We’ll make sure to find the best place for you!

Bordeaux Wine trails team are a a bunch of wine and food lovers. Here are some of the places we dig for a nice meal:


Belle Campagne – charming restaurant, fresh local produces and organic, located in the historical Saint-Pierre district. Booking in advance is most recommended especially on weekends.

Les Chiens de Pavlov – cosy atmosphere, ‘bistronomie’, hidden in a small street in the historical center. Booking in advance is most recommended especially on weekends.

Racines – gastronomic restaurant with fresh and local produce, located in Bordeaux off the beaten tracks. Booking to be made a month in advance.


Healthy food in Bordeaux?

In Bordeaux, you will find a various choice of healthy/vegan/vegetarian food restaurants, healthy food is picking here too! Although we still think that eating duck fat with pasta is healthy, it’s all about good balance! Let us know if you veggy for instance, in case you book a tour with us, we’ll make sure that alternative food will be served to you. Dairy free? Well, no fromage then (ouch!).

If after reading this you feel like discovering our wonderful region, join one of our food & wine tours, to book come here.

As soon as you have booked your wine tour, feel free to ask us any recommandation during your stay.

See you soon in Bordeaux to share our lifestyle with us!