Bordeaux by bike : A great way to visit our town - 27/09/2017

Bordeaux by bike : A great way to visit our town

Great News! Our lovely town of Bordeaux just got elected the 6th best best city in the world to ride a bike. This is the result of the inventory made by Copenhagenize Design Co., Leading Bicycle Urbanism firm. Here is the whole ranking, no surprises Dutch towns are among the best.

What they say?

‘The news we see coming out of Bordeaux is good. The city appears to have rounded a corner and is looking at bicycle urbanism more seriously than ever before.

A strong combination of political will and local advocates just may prove to push Bordeaux to the next level. In 2016, the City voted and approved their Plan Vélo Métropolitain (2017-2020) and this cycling plan has the declared goal of 15% modal share for bicycles.

In order to make that happen, a team of people dedicated to active transportation has been formed (…)

There is serious talk of removing cars from one of the main bridges over the Garonne River and dedicate it to bikes, pedestrians and buses. The city’s bike share system continues to plant the bicycle firmly back on the asphalt as transport.

This is now official as it’s been recently stated that our oldest bridge downtown, ‘Le Pont de Pierre’  will be closed from August to experiment the consequences of the traffic

Bordeaux is the only city in France with a gender split that sees more women cycling than men. For example, women made up 53% of the cyclists crossing the Pont de Pierre bridge and the 2017 mobility week is dedicated to women.’

What Bordeaux wine trails thinks:

We were really happy to find out that we are doing very good on the bike side…Most of us ride our bike every morning to work along the riverside, here is an example of the view from the quays :

If you want to explore our city by bike, it’s easy. Get in touch with us, we can organize in all! jump here to send your request.

If you are more of a free spirit, no problem, rent you own! Bordeaux city gives you the opportunity to rent a city bike for a very affordable price. There are stations everywhere in the city center where yu can collect your bike from. You can download an app on your phone to check how many bikes are available and where. Super handy!


A picture of a city bike station in Bordeaux


Bordeaux by bike: the ultimate experience 

The best experience if you are fit : riding through the vines, following your guide from a winery to another in the picturesque vineyard of Saint Emilion for instance. Bordeaux Wine Trails can organize you a package including both bike & wine tours. We’ll make sure than we take you for a great lunch too. Not a big fan of pedalling for hours under the sun? No worries, we can provide Ebike, life is that simple…


A picture of a wine tour by bike in the vineyards of Bordeaux