Seashore: Arcachon – Cap Ferret

Our seashore is known for its richness including its bay, oysters, stilt huts, the Dune of Pilat (the highest in Europe), and its pine forest. It has abundant sightseeing opportunities and is the epitome of French lifestyle. The famous île aux oiseaux (Bird Island) and the protected peninsula Cap-Ferret are just a few examples of the region’s attractions.

Located in the Landes of Gascony less than an hour from Bordeaux, let yourself be tempted by this little corner of paradise known as the Bay of Arcachon with its breathtaking landscapes, inlet, and pleasant microclimate. Spend some time in this remarkable coastal spot. This pristine, authentic bay is truly a wonderful and enjoyable place to be.


Stroll around the winter town of Arcachon, take in the Moorish and Gothic architecture of the amazing 19th century villas, true crown jewels of the region. Afterwards, explore traditional fishing villages, meet oyster farmers, and chat with them about their work that they love so much which is the bay’s main business. Inside their brightly colored wood huts, taste their delicious oysters that are so popular everywhere in France. Enjoy them with a glass of dry white wine from Entre-Deux-Mers – the two go great together.

Go on a boat tour of the bay, then climb the Dune of Pilat, where time seems to stand still as you take in the unique views of our coastline.

Whether you’re a nature, biodiversity, sea, oyster, or sports buff, or just love great food, this region between heaven and sea is the perfect place for you.

The “Best of Bordeaux” wine tour will give you a chance to wander around the Bay of Arcachon taking part in fun activities such as a guided bike tour and tasting oysters at an oyster farm.