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The Wine Club

Ever dreamt of an endless supply of extraordinary Bordeaux wines right to your doorstep?

So did we! That’s why, we’ve come up with our very own Wine Club specializing in outstanding Bordeaux wines.


best wine club bordeaux


This Wine Club was initially created during confinement in early 2020 to create a worldwide community of wine lovers who could not travel to Bordeaux. Since then, this endeavor of ours has evolved, to bring you some of the rarest local finds delivered straight to your door on a regular basis.

If you have been one of our tours, you know we love to take the road less traveled. We have used the same principle when choosing wines for our exclusive Wine List.


Our Wine Club’s Benefits:

  • As a prominent wine tour company, we have been tasting countless wines of the region over the years, which has helped us select the rare gems on our list.
  • We choose premium, hand-crafted wines made organically or in exclusive small parcels using techniques seldom used in traditional Bordeaux chateaus.
  • You would not find our selection at your local wine store.
  • Since we work directly with these chateaus, we have completely eliminated the middleman in the process.


How a bottle of Bordeaux normally travels:

regualr bordeaux wine supply chain

How your bottle of Bordeaux travels with us:

BWT wine club supply chain

  • Your wine comes straight from the wine cellars to your front door in the quickest and easiest way possible.
  • Not only will you get the best rates for these extraordinary wines but you’ll also be supporting authentic boutique wineries.
  • With a free membership to our Bordeaux Wine Club, you will get exclusive discounts on new orders, wine tours as well as access to some exceptional, newly released (primeur) wines.
  • All packages shipped out include unique pairing tips and secrets from the winemakers.
  • We also offer customized orders based on your personal preferences or for exceptional requests.


Our packages:

We have carefully created two offers for you:

No Strings Attached Package

Wine Club Member Package

• Order your wines and contact us again when you’d like to re-order.

• Become a part of the Wine Club and get sent 6 bottles of wine (from the list or to your choosing) every 3 months with an additional 5% off on every 3rd order.

• Receive exclusive member discounts and offers on wines and tastings during holidays and festivities

• Get an exclusive sneak-peak at some of the newly released (primeur) wines

If you wish to choose either package you will need to fill out this form right here.

Refer one of your friends or family to order their wines from our Bordeaux Wine Club and you can get a Referral Discount of 10% on your future order.


How does it work?

registration process for the wine club


Contact us if want to see our Wine List or get more information about our Shipping Details and we’ll get back to you!

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