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Our philosophy

Our team at Bordeaux Wine Trails is very passionate about sharing travel and culinary experiences. Our goal is to help you discover and enjoy the best of what the region has to offer. Our story and our values play an important role in how our tours are designed. So, come and learn more about what we stand for.

Who are we?

Bordeaux Wine Trails is a home-grown brand that came to life in 2015. Our founder, Jonathan, is a surfing enthusiast and adventure junkie whose absolute passion is sharing his love for wines with as many people as he can.

After a decade of working all over the globe in hospitality and tourism, he decided to come back to France to start a company that didn’t just recommend wine tours, but offered a selection of wine experiences, that are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more!

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What do we offer?

Our objective at Bordeaux Wine Trails is to make you fall in love with not just the world-famous wines, but the eclectic vineyards, the decadent food culture as well as the awe-inspiring cityscape of Bordeaux.

With our passionate and experienced guides at your disposal, you are sure to come out of your tour an expert wine connoisseur. Their expertise and international experience will give your tour a global perspective, helping you understand what sets Bordeaux wines apart from the rest of the world.

Our guides will provide you with the best local addresses to thoroughly enjoy the city and its surroundings like a true Borderlais!

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What makes us special?

We at Bordeaux Wine Trails believe that no wine tour is complete without an immersive experience in the local gastronomic culture. For this very reason, we have searched large and wide, all over France to find the best local producers who want to share their lip-smacking recipes with us. From chocolates and cheese to tapenades and even fresh spring water, we have a selection of exquisite French products you won’t find anywhere else.

Even if you are wine newbie or an ardent wine-drinker, our wine tours are designed to help you discover something new and exciting about this gorgeous wine region of France.

Come and enjoy delectable wine pairings, locally made gourmet products, impassioned stories and anecdotes about the region and jaw-dropping landscapes on a fun and exclusive wine adventure with us.

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Still not sure?

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