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Our philosophy

Our team at Bordeaux Wine Trails is absolutely passionate about sharing travel and culinary experiences. Their goal is to help you discover and enjoy the best of what the region has to offer. They will introduce you to its traditions, its wines, its historic and natural heritage, and its gourmet cuisine, in a fun and authentic way.

You’ll learn all there is to know about the wine capital of the world!

We’re thrilled to share our expertise and secrets with you to make your getaway or your wine tour a memorable one – from the coast to the regions of Médoc, Saint-Emilion, Graves or Cognac, you’ll discover our local treasures. During your wine tour, get to speak directly to the wineries owners or winemakers and learn smoe of the unique features of the Bordeaux wines! In case you want to a surprise your friends or your beloved one, Bordeaux Wine Trails can organize your Bordeaux short break for you starting with a guided walk in the charming streets of Bordeaux city to spot the most famous landmarks of the area such as place de la Bourse, Le Miroir d’eau (water mirror), The Saint Andre cathedrale…Carry on this lovely day with a wine & food tasting tour in Saint-Emilion or the Médoc région . To conclude this stunning day out, we’ll drop you off right in time for a lovely meal in a causy restaurant. There you will work out your brand new skills to pair Bordeaux wines with a local dish such as a delectable ‘Magret de canard’ (farmed duck breast fillet).

Our mission: Show you the best aspects of  the French lifestyle!


Passion is our driving force and we’d like to share it with you!

What we do at Bordeaux Wine Trails:

  • Guided tours with small, intimate groups in Bordeaux’s vineyards (half-day or full-day).
  • All-inclusive getaways in Bordeaux region to provide you with a complete travel experience. Our partners all share our philosophy of quality and authenticity.
  • Unique & exclusive Bordeaux wine tasting. Check this unique tasting tour in Saint Emilion if you don’t believe us.
  • To satisfy the most discerning foodie, we routinely include local and seasonal foods in our tours, which are specially selected to complement the wines that are served.
  • We are committed to bringing perspective to our tours and activities with regard to both Bordeaux wines and New World wines. We show our customers how similar grapes produce different styles of wine depending on the weather, the soil and many other factors. Would you like to compare a California cabernet sauvignon with a Bordeaux wine? Try our “Wines around the world” workshop.
  • Our guides are all professionals and most of them have lived overseas. To explain Bordeaux vineyard to you, it’s important for us to bring perspectives with our explainations, compare our wines to the ones you know from California to New-Zealand, Italy, Australia, Chile…The ‘Terroir’ won’t have any more secrets for you.
  • Trip Builder is an innovative tool that allows you the flexibility to design your getaway yourself according to your dates, tastes and budget.
  • Winemakers, oyster farmers, distillers, beekeepers, cheesemakers – we are all of these. In short, all the people without whom French ‘art de vivre’ (lifestyle) would be a bit dull, and who fight to protect our heritage and offer you top-quality food products while respecting their environment.

They are the real stars and we do our best to promote them.

Becot Family
Bécot Family from Château Beau-Séjour Bécot