Just hearing Cognac mentioned brings to mind the prestigious brandies or “eaux-de-vie” of the same name. After discovering Bordeaux’s vineyards, take a detour to this world-famous region with a remarkable heritage. Make a stop at one of the great cognac houses such as Rémy Martin to see how these fine brandies are made, double-distilled and matured in oak barrels. Learn how to taste them and identify their aromatic richness. Will you be able to pick out the notes of vanilla, prune, caramel, orange and apricot among the various aromas?

During the tours, the gigantic, surprising copper stills used for distillation will pique your curiosity. Poetic daydreams will come to mind as you wonder about the mysterious expression of “angels’ share” which happens during maturation of the ‘Liquor of the Gods’.


Don’t forget to make a stop at a family-run cognac house, where you’ll be charmed by the authentic, warm welcome you’ll receive.

Also visit the village of Cognac where you may discover its secrets, admire its architecture, the old town and the castle. Exploring Cognac is also a chance to enjoy a relaxed ride aboard a “gabarre”, flat-bottomed wooden boats which were used in the past to transport brandy-filled casks and sailed along the Charente’s beautiful riverbanks on their way out to sea.

With its rich heritage, awe-inspiring valleys, quaint villages and local cuisine, Cognac is yet another region which epitomizes French lifestyle.