Aquitaine region and the vineyard

Aquitaine is a land steeped in tradition, where all the elements come together in perfect harmony. The region’s world-renowned wines complement the local cuisine, and the beautiful scenery and rich culture and history invite contemplation.

Let us introduce you to the French lifestyle with our wine tours and fun activities. This diverse region, with its stunning natural beauty, has countless opportunities for wine trip getaways to suit everyone. If you love ancient history, castles, bastides, charming villages, natural scenery and vineyards, then Aquitaine is the place for you! From the Gironde Estuary to the Pyrenees Mountains, the Atlantic coast to the Dordogne and Lot Valleys, every hidden nook and cranny will provide you with a unique, extraordinary experience.

Come explore the spectacular coastline, surf at some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and take in the natural scenery and city landscapes that are part of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Then feast on the delicious regional delicacies – Bayonne ham, duck filet or Perigord truffles, ewe’s milk cheese, and Espelette pepper to name just a few! Is your mouth watering yet?

And of course, since this area is the world capital of wine, you’ll taste Bordeaux wines and take a wine trip through its vineyards – the Médoc, Saint-Emilion, Graves & Sauternes, Arcachon Bay and Cognac – representing over 7000 wineries, the largest vineyard of fine wines in the world! You’ll even personally meet dedicated winemakers, who will share their know-how and let you in on some of their secrets. When you return home with your memories and knowledge, you’ll want to tell your friends and family all about the unforgettable, enriching experiences that you had with Bordeaux Wine Trails.