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Cognac – Liquor of the Gods

Blessed with a maritime climate, and nestled beside the Charente River, Cognac is the perfect place to produce world renowned brandies. This region’s elegant ‘eaux-de-vie’ is made from double-distilling white wine and maturing it in oak barrels. After discovering Bordeaux’s vineyards, take a detour to this world-famous region with its remarkable heritage. Why not make a stop at one of the great cognac houses? There’s Rémy Martin, a perfect example of how these fine cognacs are made. Get a taste of their aromatic richness with notes of vanilla, prune, caramel, orange and apricot amongst many more aromas.

Ever seen the brilliance of a distillery’s large copper stills? You will! It can be dream-like to walk through the humidity of the distillery. Enter the barrel hall breathing in the infamous ‘angel’s share’ as it envelops the air around you. Each cognac house has something special to offer, from big names to lesser known family-owned cognac houses. Because of the warm welcome you shall received, you’ll be both inspired and charmed by your experience!


Don’t forget to visit the village of Cognac where you’ll discover the secrets of its old town center, admiring the architecture and its castle! You may also enjoy a relaxed ride aboard a gabarre, a flat-bottomed wooden boat. In the past, these were used to transport brandy-filled casks, sailing along the Charente’s beautiful riverbanks on their way out to sea. 

With its rich heritage, awe-inspiring valleys, quaint villages and decadent local cuisine, Cognac is yet another region which epitomizes French lifestyle and a luxurious adventure for all to enjoy!