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Welcome to Bordeaux!

Bordeaux has become a must-see city for wine tourism, awarded title of Best European Destination in 2015. The New York Times and The Telegraph both listed it as a top destination in 2016.  But there’s more reasons to journey to this decadent city!

First and foremost, Bordeaux is beautiful. Follow quaint cobbled streets from one public square to the next. Every facade of every building is a work of art with elegant and sometimes gothic looking faces looking back at you. Flowers and other symbolic motifs are carved delicately into the limestone walls and doorways to age-old apartments and boutiques.

Around every corner there is something incredible to discover. Travel back in time to the 4th century to observe the ruins of an ancient roman colosseum, the Palais Gallien. Not too far away is the 11th century Gothic basilica Saint-Seurin, haunting with its sky high gargoyles and underground crypt!

The heart of Bordeaux

Each district harbors its own delights and sights to behold, some historical, others more modern. At the heart of Bordeaux you’ll find the 13th century Saint Catherine’s cathedral towering over the bustling streets of local shops and restaurants. Fast forward to a new era and visit one of the largest Miroir d’Eau (water mirror) in the world. Watch as mist rises from the ground, the glistening pavement mirroring the reflection of people and the extravagance of the Place de la Bourse. A truly amazing photo opportunity!

Hustle and bustle


Do a bit of shopping, wine tasting or discover Bordeaux’s delicious eateries around Rue Sainte-Catherine and the Saint-Pierre district. The cradle of Bordeaux has plenty of places to eat, drink, relax and just enjoy yourself. Why not partake in a bit of terrace watching? Sit with a nice glass of Bordeaux wine, watching locals and tourists alike.

Have you heard about the ancient city gateway from the 15th century Grosse Cloche (large bell)? A former belfry from the middle ages linked to the famous pilgrimage of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle! 

Bordeaux is an ever-changing and innovative city. The restoration of its quayside facades in 2007, its listing with UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the opening of the Cité du Vin, plus the arrival of top Michelin-star chefs all contribute to Bordeaux’s reputation as one of the world’s top destinations for wine and culture tourism.

To make the most of Bordeaux, take a look at our Best of Bordeaux getaway, or try one of our theme-based activities in the city such as the ‘Bordeaux Discovery Tour‘. It’s only a two hour train ride from Paris, so why wait!