Bordeaux – more than just wine country! - 23/01/2020

Traveling to Bordeaux has become that much easier with the fast train from Paris. With more world travelers coming to taste the wines they are renowned for, you may ask yourself, what else is there to do in Bordeaux?

Whether you are traveling with friends, family, children, non-wine enthusiasts (quoi?!) or simply looking to enrich your holiday experience, there are multiple activities to suit everyone! But how to choose the activity right for you?

Bordeaux Wine Trails offers private wine tours that can be combined with regional activities. The south west of France is more than just wine country. Here are some inspiring suggestions to make your dream French holiday an unforgettable experience!


French cooking class

French cuisine is rich yet delicately balanced. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. Take a small group cooking class with a local chef in a Bordeaux château, followed by a three course meal. Cuisine is the heart of French culture and matched with wine, ensures a truly decadent afternoon.

Wine blending workshop

What makes Bordeaux wine so sophisticated? Whatever your wine knowledge level is, from amateur to connoisseur, learn the secrets of wine blending with a local winemaker! Discover the aromas and flavors of Bordeaux grape varieties to create your own signature blend. A tasty science experiment indeed!

Bordeaux city tour

Established as far back as the 3rd century, Bordeaux is a mélange of Roman, medieval and 19th/20th century architecture. An official UNESCO World Heritage Site, this small city is a splendid combination of ancient times and modern innovation. Nestled in the cobbled stoned pathways and public squares, there are boutiques, cafes, restaurants, parks and the ancient gateways to the city to explore.

Urban wine bar experience

After a visit in the outer Bordeaux wine region, why not a wine bar crawl? In the hub of the city center there are a myriad of wine bars where you can taste and compare Old World with New World wines. Order a platter of French cheese or chacuterie, sit amongst locals and put your wine knowledge to the test. Each bar has its own style of service from the more technological by-the-glass wine dispensers to more boutique style degustations. Another fantastic opportunity to compare the unique quality and variety of Bordeaux wine.

Bordeaux vineyard bike tour

Summer in the south west of France is sunny and hot. Bordeaux itself is ideal for getting around on a bike, and so are its vineyards! In both the Médoc and Saint-Emilion, taking a bike tour from winery to winery immerses you in the beautiful scenery and fresh vineyard air. Sounds like an effort? These bikes are electrical, suitable for anyone’s age or level of fitness.

Sunset river cruise

How about a river cruise on the Garonne? Both a family friendly activity and for those that wish to see the sights from a different point of view, come aboard and float downstream. Sample wines and discover why this river was such a significant part of the wine trade. Partake in a traditional French apéro whilst cruising past historical and modern landmarks on either side of the bank. As Bordeaux is so accessible by foot, a lot of people neglect the beauty of the Garonne and its connecting waterways. Wine might be the heart of Bordeaux, but it’s the Garonne that connected Bordeaux to the rest of the world!

Vintage car tours

Get behind the wheel of a classical car for a road trip through picturesque villages and lush countryside roads free of the hustle and bustle of city life. Luncheon and taste wine. Take in the sights and aromas of the French countryside in style.

Bordeaux chocolate laboratory

Award winning Bordeaux grand cru chocolatier Hasnaâ invites you to discover the origins of chocolate. Pure, decadent and authentic aromas during a chocolate making and tasting workshop. Feeling thirsty? Partake in a wine and chocolate pairing degustation!

Food market tour

Get up close and personal with vendors and producers of regional delicacies both sweet and savory. Observe the locals and discover seasonal eats and treats. The food market is an essential part of the French lifestyle, and an experience not to be missed.

Château Escape Game

Immerse yourself in mystery and intrigue deep in the heart of a medieval château! An escape game is a both a fun and challenging experience to share with a group of friends or family. Normally it would be a great idea to get stuck in a wine cellar, but no wine shall be had until you find your way safely out. If you want to do something a little more theatrical that connects you to the history of Bordeaux’s châteaus, then this is ideal for you!

And so much more!

Each corner of France has something exceptional to offer. There’s so much to do in the south west of France, Bordeaux city and its surrounding vineyards. Contact us at Bordeaux Wine Trails and we can create the ultimate Bordeaux trip catered to your needs.