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Your Bordeaux weekend itinerary - 07/02/2020

Getting to Europe from most parts of the world is painstakingly long often involving many hours and a bit of city hopping. Once you reach your destination, you have to [...]

Bordeaux – more than just wine country! - 23/01/2020

Traveling to Bordeaux has become that much easier with the fast train from Paris. With more world travelers coming to taste the wines they are renowned for, you may ask [...]

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The rise of New World wines could be the reason why Bordeaux’s prestigious future could be dwindling, with both national and international sales dropping [...]

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Château Margaux one of the top wineries of Bordeaux

Top wineries of Bordeaux by Bordeaux Wine Trails - 16/07/2019

The splendid and prestigious wine region of Bordeaux teems with numerous Chateaus, each as stunning as the next. At Bordeaux Wine Trails, we have selected a list of top wineries

Vue sur les vignes et le village de Saint-Emilion

A taste of Saint-Émilion from Bordeaux - 08/07/2019

This summer, I was on a work trip to France. And as a red wine lover I couldn’t help but spend a couple of days in Bordeaux. Apart from the [...]

Logo of bordeaux fête le vin in Québec

Bordeaux Fête le Vin in Québec 2019 - 25/06/2019

If you are looking for the perfect occasion to expend your knowledge of French culture and French wines in Québec, Bordeaux Fête le Vin is coming to you!

Blue white red poster with the Eiffel tower advertisinf for the Bastille Day French Festival

Bastille Day French Festival in Melbourne 2019 - 20/06/2019

To the lucky ones who will be in Melbourne on July 12th and July 13th, make sure you don’t miss out on the Bastille French Day Festival. This event celebrates [...]

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Wine education is an insatiable process, as there is always something new to learn! From grape varieties to wine styles, glassware, reading wine labels to pairing and even tasting techniques [...]

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Travelling in France – first contact with the french lifestyle Before living or indeed just travelling to another country, one’s mind is a bevy of preconceived concepts and thrilling expectations. [...]

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Bordeaux French foodies capital thanks to its numerous restaurants After being awarded best destination in 2016 by Lonely Planet, Bordeaux has now been named ‘Best city in France to eat [...]